Name Blob
Examples blobs

OpenCV opencv;

void setup() {

    size( 640, 480 );

    // open video stream
    opencv = new OpenCV( this );
    opencv.capture( 640, 480 );


void draw() {

    background(192);;           // grab frame from camera
    opencv.threshold(80);    // set black & white threshold 

    // find blobs
    Blob[] blobs = opencv.blobs( 10, width*height/2, 100, true, OpenCV.MAX_VERTICES*4 );

    // draw blob results
    for( int i=0; i<blobs.length; i++ ) {
        for( int j=0; j<blobs[i].points.length; j++ ) {
            vertex( blobs[i].points[j].x, blobs[i].points[j].y );


Description A storage object containing a blob detected by OpenCV. Returned by blobs() method.
area The area of the blob in pixels
centroid The centroid or barycenter of the blob
isHole Is this blob a hole inside of another blob?
length The length of the perimeter in pixels
pixels A list of color int, containing the image pixels created by loadPixels()
points The list of points defining the shape of the blob
rectangle The containing rectangle of the blob
Usage Application